Mark Montgomery

B.A., M.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,(NCCA)
Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Zero-Balancer

Mark MontgomeryMark is a licensed acupuncturist in Maryland and Utah. He is a graduate of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland, one of the first accredited acupuncture schools in the U.S., which is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medical School and the Teaching Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. After graduating he became a faculty member and clinical supervisor at the Institute and also worked long-term as a volunteer staff acupuncturist at the Penn North Neighborhood Drug Detox facility in inner-city Baltimore.

Born into a long line of Western physicians, Mark has studied Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi and other forms of energy healing for almost thirty years. His particular passion lies in helping students and clients to discover and work with the energy and healing capacities that exist within us all. In his experience this discovery process catalyzes and facilitates healing on all levels.

This past summer Mark traveled to Yunnan province in southwest China, where he engaged in advanced studies with Wang Qingyu and Liu Lihong, two of China's foremost masters and theoreticians of energetic healing. As an acupuncturist and Zero Balancer Mark works directly with his clients' energy to re-align imbalances which stem from or lead to illness and injury. But in addition, as a student of various traditions of personal alchemy and health cultivation Mark emphasizes incorporating simple, extremely powerful exercises into one's daily life. Although these practices don't require a large commitment of time they yield extraordinary benefits to the sincere practitioner - in health, vitality, happiness and productivity - in all areas of our lives.