Ongoing Special Events

At Red Mountain Resort you’ll always find something special happening. Apart from exhilarating outdoor adventures and monthly special events, we also offer several ongoing events. Enjoy the events listed below whenever you choose to visit.

Life Coaching

Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

Energy Therapy

Andrea Hanson, Certified Energy Health Practitioner

Life Path Reading & Vibrational Sound Healing Session

Betina Lindsey, Red Mountain's Shaman Spirit

Oriental Acupuncture & Energy Healing

Mark Montgomery, Red Mountain's Acupuncturist & Energist

Full Spectrum Healing - Iridology, Yoga & Meditation

Ian Phillip White, Red Mountain's Iridologist & Yoga & Meditation Expert

Tea Leaf & Rune Readings

Barbara Harrison

Photography Instruction

Dave Becker

Dinner Musical Guest

Art Kaufman, Musician
Hal Stead,

M.E.E.T. the Mustangs (October - April)

Mary Lee Brighton & Marcia Thayne, M.Ed, MSW

Musical Theatre & Concerts (April - November)

Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Enjoy professional musical theatre and concerts in the stunning red rocks of Padre Canyon. View the 2011 schedule here. Contact the Red Mountain Concierge for tickets.


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