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Nutrition: The First Step Toward Health

As the world’s most enduring cultures well know, the promotion of good health starts with the food we put into our bodies. Building on this fundamental “Eat Well, Feel Well” principle, the nutrition team at Red Mountain Resort uses the latest scientific research and testing available to customize a nutritional program based on your unique biochemistry, metabolism, caloric requirements, food tolerances, lifestyle demands and specific health issues and goals.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

50 minutes, $125

This personalized consulation provides key strategies for achieving and sustaining a healthy weight, an estimate of your calorie needs and mindful eating guidance to better manage hunger.

Nutrition for Management & Prevention of Diabesity

50 minutes, $125

Learn the underlying causes of Diabesity and the key steps to preventing and reserving this ever increasing health challenge.  Also included is an estimate of your caloric needs and individualized menu and meal planning for optimum blood sugar management.

Nutrition Assessment

50 minutes, $125

Use this assessment as a catalyst to a life-long dietary program, address underlying health issues and maximize athletic performance.

Chef for a Day

2 hours, $100

Observe the inner workings of a professional kitchen and learn basic knife skills from one of our chefs.  Based on availability.  Limited to two guests per session.


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