Bud Howard

Yoga Teacher, Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki Master

Bud happened to discover the mind-body-spirit connection while pursuing his passion for long-distance running. He has since dedicated his life to sharing his experiential knowledge on how to cultivate strength, centeredness and wellness through the flow and absorption of energy in the body. Bud teaches Tai Chi as well as Hatha and Kundalini yoga, practices that maintain our balance, physical stamina and clarity of thought as we age. As a Certified Reiki energy healing therapist, he infuses healing energy in his teaching of these practices.

Bud also plays and teaches the Native American flute and provides guidance to people over 50 on injury-free marathon training. He has been married for 20 years to his wife, Barbara, with whom he square dances throughout the western United States.

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1275 E. Red Mountain Circle
Ivins, Utah, United States

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Red Mountain Resort   |   1275 E. Red Mountain Circle   |   Ivins, UT 84738   |   877 246 4453