Tammy Stokes

About Tammy


Ceo, West Coast Workout, Lifestyle Fitness Studios
Author, Live Your Healthiest Life

Tammy Stokes introduces an extraordinary way of working out and living fit. As the creator of West Coast Workout and author of Live Your Healthiest Life, her teaching is the most comprehensive and unique lifestyle approach to obtaining a life in balance. Backed by 28 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, including work as a celebrity trainer in Hollywood, Stokes has been featured on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, The Insider and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Live Your Healthiest Life, can be found on the shelves of Whole Foods and national bookstore chains. Tammy’s method of training extends from functional full-body exercises that include muscle recruitment infused with heart rate elevation. Stokes’ signature creations tap into all elements of physical fitness making every workout with her complete. She creates workouts that are powerful, effective and tailored to suit the personal needs of her high-profile clientele.

When she is not in her Atlanta studios, she can be found conducting her Live Your Healthiest Life seminars; partnering with companies to create healthier employees; teaching environmental yoga; traveling with clients on health immersion retreats; delivering motivational speeches, or working with clients in NY and LA. She is a professional in a league of her own and completely respects the confidentiality of her clients. Tammy exemplifies the lifestyle she promotes.