Empowering You In Your Life’s Purpose

Red Mountain Resort has a diverse team of dedicated professionals and services to provide new perspectives and life skills that you can integrate on your journey towards strengthening the connection of your mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Balancing

45 minutes, $100

This hands-off healing modality rebalances your chakras (energy centers) so that they are functioning properly, improving your energy an well-being.  The result of a chakra balancing session for many is a still mind, deep relaxation and sense of peace.

Guided Imagery

75 minutes, $125

Using hypnotic guided imagery, certified hypnotherapist Barbara Harrison guides you into a relaxed state in order to shed light on unwanted lifestyle issues, fears or habits, and then assists you in alleviating them. Recordings for at-home positive reinforcement are available at an additional fee.

Informed Soul

2 hours, $200

Certified Hypnotherapist Barbara Harrison guides you to a deeply relaxed state where the soul's higher knowledge is accessible, also known as Past Life Regression. Best for individuals who have achieved previous success with Guided Imagery, Hypnosis or Mediation.


50 minutes, $110

This powerful technique transfers energy from Practitioner to recipient enhancing your body's natural ability to heal.

Intuitive Energy Reading

75 minutes, $125

A private intuitive session can lead you to explore your spirituality, heal past wounds, realize forgiveness and create balance in your energy fields.

Life Path Reading & Sound Healing

75 minutes, $150

Through the power of shamanic practices and healing sound with rattles & crystal bowls, stress and energy blocks are cleared vibrationally. (Bring a cell phone or camera to record your session)

Intuitive Trio

50 minutes, $80

The timeless tools of numerology, tea leaves and Runes can provide the answers you seek and guidance for everday living.

Touch the Spirit of Clay: Anasazi Pottery Group Workshop

2 hours, $100, includes all materials, firings and shipping.

Use ancient techniques and native plant brushes to shape and paint a vessel. All items will be fired and shipped within two weeks.

Earthing Workshop

2 hours, $100

Explore the ancient teachings of the shamans in modern life.  Improve your relationship to earth by experiencing the rhythyms of the earth, through water, plants, stones, fire and animals.

Despacho Ceremony

1 hour, $175

With the guidance of our Shaman Spirit, using ancient Peruvian traditions, create a prayer bundle to offer gratitude to the Earth Mother to celebrate a life, an anniversary, a milestone birthday. Group sessions are available, ask for pricing.

Digital Photos in the Field

2 hours, $100, bring your camera

Go on a field visit where you'll hear technical tips and gain better understanding of what goes into creating a great photograph.

Photography 101 Group Workshop

60 minutes, $60, bring your camera

From megapixels to shutter speeds, clear some of the confusion of basic digital photography.

Private Photography

2 hours, $150, bring your camera

Regardless of your level of photography experience, this one-on-one session is tailored to your interest.

Nature Inspired Portraits

starting at $400

Work with award-winning photographer Dave Becker during a 2 hour outdoor photo session. Our red rocks make an amazing backdrop and it's a great way to capture your senses of adventure! You'll receive a CD of your photos for your full use.


Twenty-four-hour notification is required for all canceled private sessions to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. Missed appointments will be charged 100% of the service fee. A 15% gratuity will be added to all services. Prices subject to change without notice.

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