Mary Lee Brighton and Marcia Thayne

Mustang, Educational, Experiential, Training

Join us for a unique, one-on-one experience "where heart meets horse." You will connect, spirit to spirit, with these amazing American Wild Horses, learn to speak their language and create a willing relationship. These horses, creatures of the natural world, will carry you beyond words and unbridle you to find peace, balance and harmony. A fun and transforming experience using American Wild Horses to transform fear into curiosity, resistance into cooperation, and tolerance into willingness. Most participants have little or no experience with horses, and learn to replace fear, stress, anxiety and emotional trauma with peace, strength and emotional balance.

Mary Lee Brighton and Marcia Thayne have created this dynamic and effective program using wild mustangs as teachers. The program incorporates 35 years of Mary's professional training skills and Marcia's experience in education into a powerful Equine Experiential Training which is very successful in Utah. Mary Lee chose wild mustangs rather than domesticated horses because of their intelligence, awareness, and physical capabilities that have allowed them to survive over the years.