Emotional Fitness
Unlock Your Joy

April 23 – 27 and October 22 – 26, 2014

With Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling Author of Light Through the Keyhole – Unlock your Joy In This World of Relentless Stress

Andrea’s life-long and world-wide quest to learn, practice and teach healing and joy has given her a rare and meaningful background and ability to create a profound healing experience for others on all levels of being. You will learn and experience energy healing, hiking, Kundalini yoga and meditation as well as cross cultural and intuitive inter-dimensional healing.

The Emotional Fitness – Unlock Your Joy Add-on retreat will help you resolve emotional turmoil, will take you higher in terms of experiencing breakthroughs, insights and breaking blocks, patterns and barriers to your success and happiness. It will take you deeper in terms of the experience and realization of your true identity, confidence and inner peace and strength. This joyous reunion and powerful healing retreat has an intensive pace, content and depth of activities. An open mind and some prior knowledge and experience of holistic healing are beneficial. Andrea is Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices.


This four night retreat starts at $1,621 per person per stay based on deluxe double occupancy including taxes and service fee, and $1,846 per stay based on single occupancy.

Please contact our Group Coordinator to book your retreat.
Tina Freeman
435-652-5744 to reserve your space.

Andrea Becky Hanson

Andrea Becky Hanson
Energy Therapist, Certified and Registered International Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Therapist, Spiritual Energy Intuitive Healer, Author, Researcher, Writer and Speaker, Faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Former Program Director for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing for nine years.


Stated pricing consists of a $550 retreat cost payable directly to Andrea Hanson at www.mergingrivers.con/?page id=36, and balance to Red Mountain Resort for accommodations, three meals daily, retreat programming, activities and taxes.

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