watermelonOrganically & Locally Grown Watermelon

By Executive Chef Dale Van Sky

I am pleased to introduce to our menu an organically and locally grown watermelon from Rabbit & Raven Farms. This farm in Virgin, Utah (just 35 miles from Red Mountain) has been passed down from generation to generation in the Isom family. The most unique thing about the farm is that it's a "dry farm." Seems strange to think of a farm using very little water, but Rabbit & Raven is able to turn a small amount of water into sweet and succulent produce.

What is a dry farm? The fields are kept weed free allowing the soil to absorb and store winter rains. This gives the watermelon's extensive root system plenty of moisture to survive hot, dry summers with little rain. When it does rain, the farmers cultivate the soil to break up soil capillaries to radiate moisture. It also creates "dust mulch" to help prevent evaporation. As a result, water is retained by the melon at a slower pace so it ripens more slowly and adds more sweetness. It helps that the watermelon is native to the Kalahari Desert, and its roots can grow up to 12 feet into the soil.

No pesticides or herbicides! Rabbit & Raven Farms is committed to growing organic watermelons. They protect them from hungry critters (rabbits, ravens, coyotes, squirrels and gophers) by spraying the outside with a home-brewed solution made from garlic and fish oil. (Don't worry...we definitely wipe the rind before cutting the melon.)

We hope you'll join us at Red Mountain and sample the sweet melons from Rabbit & Raven Farms.

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Creative Ways to Cut Calories

By Dr. Brad Crump

  • Mix a puffed cereal with your favorite granola – ¼ cup of average low fat granola has 150-250 calories; 1 cup of puffed cereal is 50-90 calories. Since ¼ cup of granola is never enough, have the granola, but mix with some puffed cereal for volume. Save 100-140 calories versus having a ½ cup of granola.
  • Choose vegetables that fulfill the need for starchy foods instead of instead of having rice, potato or pasta. For example: Turnip ½ cup cubes = 17 calories, Turnip mashed, 1 cup = 51 calories, Spaghetti squash 19 calories per ½ cup; Butternut squash = ½ cup = 40 calories. One half cup of mashed potato without any milk, butter or margarine has 119 calories and a half cup of brown rice has 109 calories.
  • Can’t resist blue cheese dressing? Add a one inch cube of blue cheese to one 8 oz. package of silken tofu, mix with a little garlic salt, dry mustard, add vinegar to taste, then refrigerate for 2 hours to allow flavors to blend. Makes 4 – 2 oz servings (that’s A LOT of blue cheese dressing) and has only 50 calories whereas a mere one tablespoon of standard blue cheese dressing has 73 calories.
  • Want a decadent dessert? Mix 1 T peanut butter with 1 T milk, then blend into 1 cup low fat non-dairy topping – It will satisfy your craving for a peanut butter cup when you put a dollop on top of low fat chocolate pudding.
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Half a Century

Written by Tracey Welsh

I take a deep breath each time I think about it…turning 50. I started the year touting that I was turning 50, and going to embrace it, all while humming my mantra from the Pink song — “Well, so what, I’m still a rock star.” Not a big deal that I’m turning 50 before my younger husband. Well, as the half-century milestone birthday is now here — I’m not so bold and boastful. My mind is spinning in reflection — has it really been 50 years?

I have a 21 year old daughter, and as I look at her, I wonder where did my physical youth go? It seems like I was robbed of that youthful body far too long ago. Then I scold myself that fitness wasn’t a priority that I fit into the last 29 years and list the excuses of pregnancies, surgeries, weight gain, yo-yo dieting and my “food as my comfort phases” all while balancing motherhood, career, wife, etc. Well, I will never regain my 21 year old physical youth — but I know that I don’t have to give up on it entirely either, as I see shining examples amongst the Red Mountain team, who inspire me and show me that physical age is what you are willing to put into it.

Mentally am I fifty years old? Well, I just might have to own that one too. I’ve found and earned my happy place in my marriage and my community. I’ve said goodbye to a parent, two children and a few other loved ones and dear friends, so my mortality is well-understood. I enjoy that I’m not as emotionally reactive, as my life experiences have already shown me a great deal. It hasn’t all been pretty, and I haven’t always made the right choices — but I own them, and they have made me the 50 year old I am today. And I’m ready for what the next years may or may not bring. I can certainly say that I have felt a big shift in my personal priorities, and it brings great comfort. In that way, 50 is a sigh of relief!

A young 50 or an old 50, I’m not really sure it matters. I’m just 50 and glad to be here. Not sure I’m ready for the label "senior," but if it means a discount, I’ll take it.

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How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goal


By Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

Too often people make a mental note to reach a goal, give it a thought or two during the week and are then disappointed when they don't make any real progress.

Three key steps must be taken to stay on track and reach a personal goal. First, the goal must leave the overloaded brain cavity and get written down. Until it is firmly acknowledged and given focus and attention, it will only be a passing thought. Keeping it visible on a sticky note attached to the computer screen or the bathroom mirror is a great way to give it daily care and feeding.

Second, the goal needs to be broken down into manageable, realistic steps. Try to under-promise and over-perform. By asking yourself to accomplish what you can actually get done, you will set yourself up for success and build in positive momentum. Baby steps are fine so long as they actually get done and lead to bigger steps.

Third, don't let a minor setback become a major obstacle. There will be days when things don't go according to the plan. That does not mean you should give yourself permission to take several days off or that you have failed. Those who do reach their goals recognize what went wrong, learn how to avoid the pitfall, forgive themselves, and get back on the path. It is about progress, not perfection!

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Walking the Medicine Wheel with Shamanic Spirit Betina Lindsey

$650 not including gratuities and taxes


If you are one of the increasing number of people who feel a deep need to connect to Earth and Spirit, you are ready to walk the Medicine Wheel with "Shamanic Spirit" guide Betina Lindsey through journey work, ceremony and time on the land. Medicine Wheel teachings have been available to us since the beginning of time and have not changed. In the ancient tradition of indigenous healers we will open sacred space to bring alive your connection to the spiritual world of nature for insight, guidance and healing. Betina will lead you on pilgrimages to sacred places of power - to learn practices of shamanic health and healing. Beneath the desert night sky during fire ceremonies, we will offer prayers for healing the personal and planetary soul. Discover the transformative power of earth, wind, fire and water.

  • Eight Medicine Wheel Teachings Sessions
  • Private Life Path Reading with Betina Lindsey
  • Sacred Earth, Silent Angel Journal Welcome Gift
  • Healing Stones and More Lecture
  • Spiral Walk with Guide

Medicine Wheel Teaching Sessions:

  • Walking the Medicine Wheel Welcome Dinner with Betina
  • Walking the South: Opening Sacred Space Sunset Fire Ceremony
  • Earth Medicine Walk: Touching Red Earth
  • Walking the West: The Shamanic Journey: For Insight, Guidance and Healing
  • Walking the North: The Shaman’s Way of Healing: Healing Stones & More
  • Walking the East: Divining You Own Destiny
  • Closing Sunrise Fire Ceremony: Walking Your Destiny Home

Call 877.246.4453 to complete your Red Mountain experience with this enlightening add-on.

Upcoming 2011 Dates:

July 14-18, 2011

October 13-17, 2011

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Touch the Spirit of Clay

Written by Tracey Welsh


Our new “Touch the Spirit of Clay” pottery workshop is a natural fit into our guest programming at Red Mountain Resort. Working with the clay offers many lessons, from the rich history and methods of the Anasazi, to the joys of decoration and creating something beautiful and useful, using ancient methods. You readily learn that the clay has a spirit or direction of its own, and its texture and workability at that moment lends itself to the creation of your final design. Personally, what I found most delightful, was the time spent learning and creating with other people in my group. We shared a few laughs and celebrated our creations. My Anasazi inspired vessel will now sit on my desk as a fond memory of that day at Red Mountain.

For more information about this pottery group workshop including dates, time and cost, visit our weekly schedule.

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Welcome to the new Red Mountain Resort website. We hope that you find it to be an easy to use resource for planning your stay…or just dreaming about being here.

Each and every experience at Red Mountain is a treasure and is made more meaningful and unique because of the amazing red rocks that surround us. We wanted our name to reflect the multitude of amenities and activities found each day…a name that describes a one of a kind active destination retreat with nature and adventure inspired amenities…a place that honors the body, calms the mind and nourishes the soul. What else could we call it but Red Mountain Resort?

With the hundreds of heartfelt comments that we read from our guests, along with the media reviews and the daily feedback that we receive from the team at Red Mountain, we often find it a challenge to find the right words to describe the Red Mountain experience. However, I think the words “adventure inspired” and “active destination retreat” are spot on.

Red Mountain Resort means different things to different guests. For some, it’s the camaraderie of hiking in the canyons, and for others it’s the meditative solitude found walking the labyrinth. Many guests find their relaxation in a hammock and may never visit Sagestone Spa & Salon. Other guests find our skilled therapists a reward for the hard worked muscles that carried them hiking and in Zumba® class.

A new name deserves a new website with photos of the breathtaking scenery and the experiences that come to life every day here at Red Mountain Resort. This new website will be ever-evolving, and we hope you will visit often. We welcome your feedback.

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