What Does the Chef Cook on His Day Off?

By Dale Van Sky,
Executive Chef

DaleVanSkyAlthough I do not have as much opportunity to cook at home as I would like to, one of my most favorite dinners (and most frequently requested by my wife) is Beef Stroganoff on Basmati Rice. There are many recipes for this classic dish and I will share mine with you.

Beef Stroganoff on Basmati Rice
Servings: 4

4 Tbsp Smart Balance butter substitute (could use butter or margarine)
1 Pound Beef Sirloin (trimmed of all outer fat and sliced 1” long, 1/4” thick by 1/2” thin strips)
1/4 Cup Yellow Onions (diced 1/4”)
1/2 Cup Mushrooms (sliced 1/4”)
4 Tbsp Whole Wheat Flour (for nutritional benefits and color)
1/4 Cup Liquid Aminos (could use 2 -3 beef bouillon cubes)
1/4 Cup Red Wine (preferably one you would have with the meal)
1-1/4 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Melt Smart Balance on high heat in large sauté pan until it starts to smoke.
  • Add Beef Sirloin Strips and sauté until browned.
  • Add diced Onions and sliced Mushrooms. Cook until the Onions stat to turn clear.
  • Stir in Whole Wheat Flour and reduce heat to low. Cook 5 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Stir in Red Wine, Water and Liquid Aminos. Turn heat up and bring to a boil (it will be very thick, the Sour Cream will thin it).
  • Turn heat off and blend in Sour Cream.
  • Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

Basmati Rice
Note: Use two parts Water to one part Rice.

1 Cup Basmati White Rice
2 Cups Water


  • Bring Water to a boil in a 1 qt. sauce pan.
  • Stir in Basmati Rice.
  • Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for approximately 20 minutes (all water should be absorbed).
  • Place 1/2 cup Basmati Rice in center of plate.
  • Top with 1 cup Beef Stroganoff.
  • Place 1 Tbsp. of Sour Cream on top and enjoy.
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Connections for Happiness

By Celeste Blackman, guest speaker July 12-13

celesteblackmanConnecting with one another is a key ingredient for happiness. One of the clearest findings to emerge from research into happiness is that we are social creatures who long for connection. We feel better just being around other people, it makes us feel happier. And when we are happier, we are more fun to be around, creating an “upward spiral” of happiness. Happiness is contagious and that too is good for your health!

According to John Cacioppo, a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, social isolation has an impact on health comparable to high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise or smoking. Feelings of isolation show up in measurements of stress hormones, adversely impacting both the immune and cardiovascular functions, among others. When all is said and done, the best guarantee of a long and healthy life may be the connections we have with other people.

Click to learn more about Connections for Hapiness with Celeste Blackman.

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What is the Best Sugar Substitute?

The best sugar substitute for those who want a sweetener with no calorie content is Stevia. There are many different forms of Stevia out there, including flavored liquids. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar, so one should tread lightly. Some people report an aftertaste, however, so a powdered form might be preferable for them. Read labels, though, as some Stevia products contain other ingredients.

For those who are less concerned with calories, agave is another option. Make sure, though, that the product is raw and organic. Some agave products have been proven to contain up to 70% fructose. High-fructose corn syrup contains 55 to 70% fructose.

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Healthy Detox

By Dr. Brad Crump, Health Services Manager

BradCrumpThere are a myriad of plans and programs that health minded individuals seek out in order to “detoxify” the body. Many are based firmly in the science of detoxification and others well, not so much. Ultimately there is one goal in mind and that is to remove foreign and potentially harmful substances from the body.

Any good detoxification program always begins with proper nutrition. There are no exceptions. The following nutritional guidelines should be part of any detoxification program:

  • Whole foods. It is important to eliminate all refined and processed foods. Whole foods contain vital nutrients required for optimal liver function.
  • Eliminate all foods that have the highest inflammatory or allergenic potential. An abbreviated list would include the elimination of all dairy, gluten containing foods such as wheat, rye and barley and, of course, all refined foods (which notoriously contain gluten), soy and soy containing foods, red meat, shellfish and caffeine and alcohol.
  • Lots of water.

Anyone is a candidate for a good nutritionally based detoxification program. Given the state of our environment and our many exposures, a detoxification program should be done at least once per year and for a full month.

Care would be given with those who have health issues, but, in general, there is nothing that would preclude anyone from participation.

The benefits of detoxification are extensive. They usually include weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy and decreased hormonal symptoms seen with menopausal women. Most will see an improvement in cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Overall, a proper detoxification program will improve overall health, decreased health risks and general sense of well being.

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Weight Loss Tip: Eat Enough Food

Don’t under eat – many weight loss programs cut calories too much.

Have a test done to determine your basal or resting metabolic rate- then make sure that your low calorie diet doesn’t go below this number. This can either be a bioimpedance analysis or a resting energy expenditure test because this is the bare minimum amount that your body needs to support basic functions. If neither of those tests is available to you, search for internet sites that estimate basal metabolic rate according to height, weight, age and gender.

The bioimpedance analysis measures lean body mass and fat mass – a basal metabolic rate is determined by the pounds of metabolically active tissue you have.

A resting energy expenditure test is done to measure the oxygen utilized and carbon dioxide produced during a sample time frame when you are at rest.

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Yes, Sweat the Small Stuff

By Dr. Brad Crump, Health Services Manager

BradCrumpA healthy and effective detoxification program involves many supportive strategies from nutrition and supplementation to stress management and reducing our environmental exposures. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the importance and benefit of sweating.

Sweating helps to support the function of our nervous system, lowers stress, helps to remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides and even heavy metals through the skin, can support healthy blood sugar levels and can, of course, help us burn more calories and support metabolic rate.

The best ways to support healthy detoxification through sweating should include exercise, saunas or steam bath as well as infrared sauna. These are safe and convenient ways to support healthy elimination of toxins. They can also be very relaxing!

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Spirituality at Red Mountain Resort

By Shaman Spirit Betina Lindsey

BetinaLindseyThe spiritual journey is the one trip we are all taking together. Spirituality is the slow motion dance of a life in balance. Through spirituality we cultivate wisdom, balance, regeneration and healing.

Religions offer us tried and true philosophies for understanding existence while spirituality is the ability to feel connection to all manifestations of the holy in the world around us. Spirituality is not an activity so much as a refined energy, a gift of the Universe to all beings. The ancient way-showers left clues in rock art symbolizing the road of life, birth, death and rebirth that each soul walks. As we walk the labyrinth of life ours is a journey of emergence - an emergence into spirit and in emergence all suffering is transformed into peace.

Author Terry Tempest Williams asks "How do we find peace in a broken world?" My answer would be to "find spiritual sanctuary." From ancient times the esthetics retreated into caves or wandered in the wilderness. Today many are called to the winding trails and cloistered pools of our national parks and canyons because nature is more than nature. Anyone willing to stop and feel nature’s simple quiet might discover it is a place where heaven and earth merge. The monk and mystic in each of us know there is refuge and holiness in nature. It is a simple presence, free of tradition, where new pathways can open into spirit. Humans need a place of peace where the roots of what is sacred can take hold in the soul. There are many teachers of the spiritual path but still this path is not so easily documented or defined. Each of us must find it for ourselves. Finding spiritual sanctuary gives you time to align yourself and your intentions.

You might ask to know what is unfinished for me to learn, to experience, to heal and to create? In spiritual sanctuary see all life as "tho"...the trees, the stones, the water...everything. You will feel a change. The ego that sees a "thou" is not the same ego that sees an "it"...A lightning struck tree is holy...land scorched by fire is holy. You too are holy. Your own life wounds make you so. Spirituality is an attribute of existence. Just watch the hawk flying on the wind in a slow motion dance of a life in balance

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Meet General Manager Tracey Welsh

traceywelshHometown: Dubuque, Iowa

Current town: Santa Clara, Utah

Age: 48

Birthday: August 2 - Yes, I am a Leo

Favorite color: Red

Favorite sport to watch: It's a toss up between baseball and swimming. Baseball is a necessity to share with my husband, and I'm one of the few people who loves to watch distance swimming.

Favorite fitness activity: Swimming tied with hiking. I also enjoy stretch and dance classes.

How long at Red Mountain: 9 years

Favorite spa treatment: Desert Rain Massage

Favorite fitness class offered at RM: Stretch class - I also love any water fitness class.

Family info? Married? Kids? Pets? Married to Tim over 25 years with one daughter, Reagan, and two four-legged kids, Joey and Dali.

Favorite thing about working at RM: Two days are never the same, and the scenery is outstanding. I have the privilege of working with a diverse group of experts, and it's wonderful to mix hospitality with wellness and impact a guest life in a powerful way. Each day, I learn something to improve my own health and I realize how fortunate I am to be here.

If you weren’t in Southern Utah, where would you live? I have dreams of a rolling mid-western farm someday where my border collies will herd sheep…but I'll have to leave when it snows. Southern Utah is truly home now.

Favorite vacation spot: I have great memories of Sanibel, Florida. It was a really stressful time in my life, and I got to spend a few days on my own before my family joined me. The solitude and reflection was very self healing, and then I was ready to enjoy my family. We spent hours walking the beach and playing in the ocean. I also love Zion National Park as it brings out the "earth scientist wanna be" in me. Finally, I enjoy visiting my hometown. I lived each summer on the Mississippi River as I grew up, and there are great memories when I go back during boating season.

Best RM memory: My first hike in Snow Canyon. Absolutely life changing. I don't think that I stopped talking the whole time because I was simply amazed at the beauty and the sunshine.

Favorite food: My absolute favorite meal comfort food is tomato soup and grilled cheese. My "feel good" food is chicken because I feel best when I eat protein and avoid white flour and sugar. I also love cheese...any kind...must be my Swiss cheesemaker ancestry.

Favorite indulgence: I love bath time with a book, or cuddling under a blanket in the sun when it's a bit brisk outside. I also find crocheting very comforting....seems pretty old fashioned, but I like to think I'm being creative and producing something at the same time. My nieces and nephews get hats and scarves each year, and I send hats and scarves to the local homeless shelter.

Where did you go to college? Loras College, Iowa

When you aren’t at work, what do you do for fun? Tim and I now RV and try to spend as much time in the National Parks as we can. Dali and Joey are great travelers and keep us walking and active so we are always looking for pet friendly spots to go. I also enjoy golf, and I find shopping with my daughter a great hobby.

Is there one thing at RM that you haven’t done that you want to? I would love to do the Eat Well, Feel Well School of Cuisine. I truly need Chef Dale to teach me how to cook.

Favorite book or movie that is related to health, wellness or fitness: I love the movie "Warm Springs" about Franklin D. Roosevelt and his quest for healing after being struck with polio. The movie is about his trip to a run down health facility in Georgia to take in the healing mineral waters. However, it's not simply the waters, but the team of people who are dedicated to the guests that help with the healing.

Favorite quote: I have many…anything by Abraham Lincoln. Here's one: “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” And from Mahatma Ganhdi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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