Emotional Fitness Retreats for 2013 with Andrea Becky Hanson, CEHP, Certified Energy Health Practioner

IKYTA-RYT-500 Registered International Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Therapist, Spiritual Energy Intuitive, Author, Researcher, Faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Former Chopra Center for Wellbeing Program.

AndreaHansonEmotional Fitness is the state of being that allows you to be intimately connected and involved in all aspects of your life and maintain your sense of inner peace, strength and balance.

Andrea Hanson will join us again at Red Mountain for Emotional Fitness II October 16-20, 2013

A Certified Energy Therapist, Hanson skillfully and compassionately provides private consultations and retreats that allow you to experience the integrated combination of the contemporary Energy Therapy and the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  Hanson believes this combination is the answer to optimum health and wellness.

An Energy Therapy session will help you learn and understand why repeated attempts to resolve problems have failed in the past. You will also receive the rich learning and understanding you need to finally be free of negative emotions and thoughts. You can delete the concepts of struggling and suffering from your vocabulary and from you life with the experience and application of the Emotional Fitness Technique.This joyous reunion and powerful healing retreat requires prior experience as a participant in one or more Emotional Fitness Retreat, Meditation and Yoga Retreat, or a private consultation with Andrea. The pace, content and depth of the activities will require this prior knowledge and experience to fully benefit.

Emotional Fitness II includes

  • Deluxe accomodations and meals.
  • Welcome personal intention meditation and dinner with Andrea
  • Personal retreat workbook and journal
  • Four dynamic morning meditations
  • Four renewing afternoon meditations
  • Advanced teachings of Pranayam (science of the breath for healing)
  • Two Kundalini yoga instruction and practice sessions
  • Three energy sessions incorporating the latest energy healing techniques
  • Outdoor full moon creating and manifesting ceremony
  • Eight Sunrises Snow Canyon hike walks
  • Advanced relationships and communication session
  • Take-home practice, resources and strategies – living the life you really want

 The 4 night Emotional Fitness II retreat starts at $1,435 based on double occupancy. To reserve, call Tina Freeman at 435-652-5744 or email tfreeman@redmtn.com

To learn more about this subject, visit  Merging Rivers website.  Andrea Becky Hanson is a Certified Energy Health Practioner, Registered and Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Therapist, Ayurvedic Instructor and Spiritual Energy Intuitive.   She has studied in over 22 countries and has taught meditation, ayurveda and energy medicine for over 33 years.  She is a former Program Director for the Chopra center for Well-Being in San Diego, and her traditional education is in Psychology and Speed and Hearing Sciences.  Andrea has developed a profoundly integrated and comprehensive holistic multi-cultural, multi-dimensional approach to health, healing and well-being which she shares through private consultations and retreats.   Her teaching intent is to offer pathwaysto resolution, reconnection and rejuvenation for sustainable inner peace and strength.  The modalities and processses she offers often work when nothing else has. 

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