Red Mountain Paradise

By Kasey Austin, Field Operations Liaison | Austin Adventures - Adventure Travel

Kasey AustinAs a host of the upcoming Austin Adventures retreat at Red Mountain Resort in March of 2013, I wanted to spend a moment fantasizing about a week spent in the red rock oasis of Utah. As a short (and not complete) background, Red Mountain Resort focuses on full body wellness (reenergizing mind, body, and spirit) while Austin-Adventures centers in on living life to the fullest through outdoor adventure. Of course, both of these companies feature so much more than this but for the purposes of this blog, we'll center in on these highlights.

From my perspective as an Austin Adventures employee, there's no better way to rejuvenate your sense of self than by getting outside and just living. Now, whether your version of "living" is sitting on a red sandstone cliff, breathing, hearing, and seeing your surroundings, or it's hanging by a rope a hundred feet in the air while rappelling through Yankee Jim Canyon, that's completely up to you – everyone is different! However, just so long as you're getting "out" to explore this beautiful and unique world that we live in, it's up to you how you take it in.

Now, I know that it's easy enough to walk out to your backyard or local park to recharge those hard working batteries in that body of yours, but just think of taking a whole entire week off in a resort of paradise-like luxuries – imagine the positive transformation that could take place in your mind, body and soul! Austin Adventures and Red Mountain Resort have teamed up to provide the ultimate wellness vacation in which daily yoga and activities like mountain biking Bear Claw Poppy Trail and hiking amongst Zion's lush forestland and towering sandstone pinnacles are the daily norm. If you think that an exciting and challenging day of canyoneering (hiking, climbing, scrambling, and rappelling) followed by spa services, yoga classes, and pool time is the perfect way to spend a vacation, then you'll want to look into this adventure, designed with your body's well-being in mind.

As an ending note, I know for me personally that there is nothing that revives my sense of self better than a day (let alone a week!) spent taking on physically and mentally-demanding activities followed by pure and sweet relaxation time – good for the soul. What better place to get away from it all then at the Red Mountain Resort where wellness is a part of everyday life. While experiencing an Austin adventure, you're sure to get the personalized attention you're seeking for your next vacation. Join me for the opportunity to relax, renew and rediscover your sense of adventure at this red rock paradise – see you in March!

About Austin Adventures - Adventure Travel

Austin Adventures - Adventure Travel is a multisport adventure travel company with a legacy dating back 38 years to 1974. Our company specializes in small group travel, with a maximum of twelve guests on our departures (18 max for family trips) and a 6:1 guest to guide ratio. These small group sizes ensure that you get the personalized attention and experience that you seek while vacationing worldwide. Through Austin Adventures - Adventure Travel, you can travel safely to five different continents with our knowledgeable and safety-oriented guides. The authentic and distinctive lodging that accompany one of our over 70 different itineraries is sure to satisfy your taste for luxury quality and comfort.


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