World Peace Gardens

By Betina Lindsey, Shaman Spirit Guide



BetinaLindseyI discovered this at six months old. It was the moment I crawled off a blanket and into the dirt. My chubby little fingers grabbed for the texture of it. And into my mouth the dirt went! Think about it…nothing and none of us on the planet would thrive without "The Dirt"!!!  

I will capitalize the “D” because to me, Dirt is sacred - it is the living skin of the earth! From Dirt we came and to Dirt we go. In the beginning comfort food came directly from the Dirt, not fast food drive thru as my grand kids think. The Dirt, the Waters, the Air, the Sun and the Plants are Nature’s living soul. We can’t survive without Nature, but Nature can survive without us. Yes, indeed folks!!! This is the rude awakening of the 21st century.  

To me this world is a garden, a global garden in need of respecting. It is time to encourage all peoples, governments, corporate pirates, militaries, the jobless and the cyber children to walk outside in our world wide garden, kneel down and touch Holy Dirt.   

I am sure this is the spiritual shift needed.  

A tree can live for thousands of years with its evolved immune system, not so with stocks, bonds and derivatives. Governments, religions and overlords come and go, but the "Dirt" is always here. We fight over Dirt, blow it up, radiate it, draw boundaries on it, sell it, pave it, drive on it, farm it, defecate on it, exploit it, spray pesticides on it, yet we don’t acknowledge it as having rights or intelligence…but it does because it is alive! Sometime, take a hand full, smell it, and look at it in a microscope. Dirt is You!

A headline read: “Dirt Exposure Boosts Happiness.” Researchers at Bristol University in Britain treated lung-cancer patients with "friendly” bacteria found in soil, otherwise known as Dirt. The patients reported feeling happier and had an improved quality of life.

Where are the happiest places in the world? Studies show in our gardens!!! Want to be happy? Gardening is a number one happiness skill say happiness experts, along with counting your blessings and hugging friends and family. Even in one of the most unhappy countries in the world, when asked what made them happy, the citizens agreed that their locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables were one of the few happiness shots they had. Now, that is what I call a "happy meal."

I have this dream of seeing a Dirt flag flying on every flag pole in the world. Imagine a new movement in our institutions. “We interrupt this old programming of fear, greed, BS and mayhem with the One and Holy True Dirt!”

Imagine gifting the next seven generations with a new Pledge of Allegiance.  “We pledge allegiance to the Dirt, one Earth, unpolluted, with microbes, flora, fauna, pure water and balanced habitat for all.”   

Yes, we all die and go back to the Dirt for graveyard therapy. Mark my last request for my funeral, when the hole is dug and the "Dirt to Dirt" and "ashes to ashes" bit is spoken, I hope they will sing, “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get back to the ‘Dirt’!” *

*Don’t miss the five star documentary: DIRT! THE MOVIE, A Story with Heart and Soil. Check it out at a library near you

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