Am I Hungry?®

By Dr. Brad Crump, Health Services Manager


This deceptively simple question could be the answer to ending your struggle with weight and food without restriction, without deprivation, and without guilt. 

All of us know someone who just seems to manage their weight without effort. It just seems easy and for most of us, it just does not seem fair. Think of that person you know who does this. What do you observe about them? For me, I see them eat whatever they like. They never seem to obsess with constant calorie counting and labeling food as good or bad. They eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied. Eating just seems natural to them and food just does not seem to have any power over them and they seem happy, active and energized.

Now, consider someone you know who is a “chronic” dieter. What’s different from the people you know who just manage weight easily? Is food always on their mind? Do they obsess with calories and portions? When do they eat? I bet they are not eating what they want. Do they eat when they are bored, anxious or depressed? If they eat out of boredom for example, what happened when they stopped? They were probably still bored.

What’s the difference between these two types of people? Why can one person seemingly break every accepted rule of weight management and live a healthy, vibrant life while maintaining a healthy weight while another can diligently follow very rigid and specific guidelines and gain weight?    

Could it be that the real issue is not about what they eat, but rather why they are eating in the first place? Consider that for a minute. If you find yourself eating when you’re not hungry, then why are you eating? What are you eating for if it is not for hunger?

Red Mountain Resort will soon be proudly adding the Am I Hungry? Mindful eating and vibrant living programming to our wellness offerings. This wonderful program, developed by Dr. Michelle May helps support the definition of health and wellness adopted by Red Mountain Resort, which looks to enhance the physical, social and emotional well-being of each individual. The Am I Hungry? Program will help improve on our very successful Weight Loss and Well-Being retreat. It will add another dimension to the mindfulness component of all wellness offerings. The Am I Hungry program will offer Red Mountain Resort weight loss and well-being participants the following workshops:

“In Charge, Not in Control” helps answer the question of why we eat and introduces the Mindful eating Cycle, specifically addressing the difference between the Instinctive, overeating and restrictive eating cycles and how to avoid the eat-repent-repeat cycle that so many fall into.

“Trust Your Body Wisdom” sheds light on when we eat. Understanding the physical, emotional and environmental triggers that move us to eat is crucial to us learning to eat instinctively. The workshop will introduce the hunger and fullness scale as a tool for determining when and how much to eat to provide nourishment without leaving us feeling deprived.

“It’s Not About The Food” addresses strategies that can be utilized to avoid using food as a means of addressing true needs. Whether it be boredom, stress or anger, using food will as a solution avoids the underlying need and will leave you bored, stressed and angry and will leave you feeling guilty and out of control.

“Mindful Eating” will teach you how to eat with intention, feel more satisfied and find greater enjoyment in eating as you meet your true need for nourishment and satisfaction. You will more fully understand your body’s cues for hunger and fullness and will begin to eat more instinctively.

This program will certainly enhance your experience and will more fully address the challenges that you may be experiencing around your relationship with food. 

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