Complete Hormone Health

By Dr. Joseph Collins, RN, ND, guest speaker September 18-21

drjosephcollinsComplete hormone health requires an optimization of how your body responds to hormones; a poor response to hormones can cause problems, even when hormone levels are “normal” based on blood, urine or saliva tests. Simply put - it’s not just hormones - it is also how your body responds to hormones. So complete hormone health means helping the body “listen” better to the message that the hormone is trying to send. Whether it’s your thyroid trying to improve metabolism, your adrenal glands trying to improve your energy or your sex hormones trying to improve your libido.

Even if you have been told you have “normal” thyroid tests, you may still have poor thyroid function, which can cause decreased metabolism with fatigue, weight gain, poor mental function and a wide array of other symptoms. It’s important to know how to properly evaluate thyroid function. Certain foods and herbs can help you achieve and maintain optimal thyroid function.

Adrenal health reflects the health of the entire body. By the time someone feels like they have adrenal fatigue, many parts of the body are distressed. Since adrenal health affects multiple systems, it can affect your energy, moods, inflammation, detoxification, blood sugar and even the function of all other hormones. Proper use of healing herbs and nutrition can restore complete adrenal health.

The symptoms that women experience in premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and even polycystic ovarian syndromes can be due to both imbalanced hormone levels as well as disturbances in how the tissues of the body respond to hormones. Improving hormone levels and tissue response as well as proper testing and assessment optimize hormone health and eliminate those imbalances and disturbances.

Perimenopause and Menopause are natural transitions that can manifest in a variety of different ways. Depending on each individual, there could be imbalances in estrogens, progesterone or testosterone, or any combination of those hormones. Discovering you unique Menopause Type® and making dietary, herbal and bioidentical hormonal therapy choices that address your specific needs frees you from the one-size-fits-all approach, and restores complete hormone health. To learn more, join me at Red Mountain Resort in September. Click to find out all the details.

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