Spirituality at Red Mountain Resort

By Shaman Spirit Betina Lindsey

BetinaLindseyThe spiritual journey is the one trip we are all taking together. Spirituality is the slow motion dance of a life in balance. Through spirituality we cultivate wisdom, balance, regeneration and healing.

Religions offer us tried and true philosophies for understanding existence while spirituality is the ability to feel connection to all manifestations of the holy in the world around us. Spirituality is not an activity so much as a refined energy, a gift of the Universe to all beings. The ancient way-showers left clues in rock art symbolizing the road of life, birth, death and rebirth that each soul walks. As we walk the labyrinth of life ours is a journey of emergence - an emergence into spirit and in emergence all suffering is transformed into peace.

Author Terry Tempest Williams asks "How do we find peace in a broken world?" My answer would be to "find spiritual sanctuary." From ancient times the esthetics retreated into caves or wandered in the wilderness. Today many are called to the winding trails and cloistered pools of our national parks and canyons because nature is more than nature. Anyone willing to stop and feel nature’s simple quiet might discover it is a place where heaven and earth merge. The monk and mystic in each of us know there is refuge and holiness in nature. It is a simple presence, free of tradition, where new pathways can open into spirit. Humans need a place of peace where the roots of what is sacred can take hold in the soul. There are many teachers of the spiritual path but still this path is not so easily documented or defined. Each of us must find it for ourselves. Finding spiritual sanctuary gives you time to align yourself and your intentions.

You might ask to know what is unfinished for me to learn, to experience, to heal and to create? In spiritual sanctuary see all life as "tho"...the trees, the stones, the water...everything. You will feel a change. The ego that sees a "thou" is not the same ego that sees an "it"...A lightning struck tree is holy...land scorched by fire is holy. You too are holy. Your own life wounds make you so. Spirituality is an attribute of existence. Just watch the hawk flying on the wind in a slow motion dance of a life in balance

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