It Gets Bigger Before It Gets Better

By Andrew Mellen, organization expert & guest speaker May 9–14

andrewmellenIt gets bigger before it gets better. This is my new favorite line!

It came to me during my last class at NY Open Center and I think succinctly sums up the process of dealing with historic accumulation.

Those random piles may be daunting and overwhelming, but they become even more intimidating once you start to dismantle them into smaller piles of "like" items.

So you want to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself as best you can for what will happen once you start to take those piles apart.

The mess will get bigger before it gets better.

Knowing that won't change the scale of what's in front of you, but it will soften the surprise when things seem to grow exponentially.

There really was THAT much stuff anyway, it was just a bit neater or contained.

Click to read more on Andrew's blog.

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