Who Inspires You?

traceywelshRed Mountain offers our guests Inspiration Cards, a way to jot a few words to reflect and express who has inspired them while they are surrounded in our magical red rocks. I’ve seen countless expressions of how the team at Red Mountain have helped our guests live a healthier life, challenge themselves to hike a little higher, and conquer the fears that hold them back from change.

However, this week, one especially made me smile from ear to ear. A guest wrote his wife’s name and shared that she inspired him today by being the woman today and every day that he has loved for 35 years.

Doesn’t it make you just say “awwwwwwwwh”? It does me. And as I contemplate this Inspiration Card on my desk, I realize what a gift it is to be inspired, and to be inspiring, to my family and loved ones. Today, it makes me truly realize that while we often wait for the big epiphanies in our lives to help guide us, it’s more likely the little things that we share with each other out of love and respect that are truly inspiring. Indeed, it is a responsibility to be an inspiration, especially when it comes to our loved ones health and happiness. 35 years of inspiration! This is one lucky couple, and today, they have inspired me too!

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