2012 The Ultimate New Beginning!

By Andrea Hanson, CEHP,KRYTA, E-RYT 500
Certified Energy Health Practitioner

AndreaHansonAccording to the sages and the scientists, 2012 is purported to be the end year of a 26,000 year cycle — “The end of the world as we know it.” It is pretty difficult to deny the intensity and depth of change occurring personally, culturally and globally on all levels. And frankly, it is my experience that in many ways the world is already unrecognizable…especially if you have been around for a while. But in every ending there is an overlapping new beginning. In this multi-level, multi-dimensional, evolution revolution, I would say our New Year’s resolutions need to be exceptional and sweeping. And so, as we find ourselves engaged in our hopes and dreams and plan for this the New Year, what can we do to deepen and expand our resolutions to match this extraordinarily challenging time?

The holistic yogic traditions advise that we engage the “sage” and “warrior” within us and that our attention be on the resolution of duality such as joy and sorrow, desire and regret, fullness and emptiness, peace and chaos, calm and anxiety, ecstasy and depression, satisfaction and disappointment, judgment and compassion, love and fear. Most of us walk the thin line among these seemingly conflicting states of being. We may have developed strategies to deal with the wave of relentless stress, emotions and heightened desires. Sometimes our only strategy is to make it through and remain relatively sane. However, these times are demanding a higher standard of acceptance, compassion and devotion guiding our thinking, feeling, choice and action. New perspectives are necessary to avoid another year of forgotten resolutions.

New perspectives include reframing “automatic meaning.” For example, the phrase “New Year’s resolutions” has come to mean “things we are going to do or not do,” when actually resolution conveys a meaning of inclusive (holistic) action to resolve and balance conflicts or opposites. If we simply commit to “doing or not doing something” we remain in duality/conflict. If we commit to inclusive thinking, feeling, choice and action of resolution of conflict, we command a new way of being. The trick is…we cannot “think” our way through this process. We must consult our hearts and souls for the correctness of our decisions and actions and co-create our lives with our higher power.

The ability to regularly consult a deeper level or our own hearts is enabled by new approaches and habits. We can avoid another cycle of making the same failed resolutions every year, by engaging in the practices that open and allow more conscious awareness and creativity such as yoga, meditation, prayer, creative visualization, journaling, dance, service and similar healing practices. The value of these endeavors cannot be overrated in the commitment to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

This year, like no other, is an opportunity to evolve and implement our ability for constant conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. For we are not just people seeking success and braving the challenges of life, but Souls with the ability to choose with specific purpose, express our deepest truth and express our unique talents and values to re-energize and re-invent ourselves. True Free Will is the ability to focus, balance and choose how we use our energy; to put our attention on the aspects of life we wish to enliven and create for ourselves and others.

In being consciously aware of perspectives and points of view, resolution is ours...In each moment we can choose the correctness we know at a deep level and allow the co-created joyous life we desire with grace and ease. In this way, rather than being a ship aimlessly afloat on the ocean of uncertainty and conflict, we can resolve the forces with a captained ship, true headings, steady rudder and full sails. On your journey, use the four buoys below to help you stay on course and enter calm waters that allow the true resolution of the duality and conflict in your life. This will give you the experience of knowing that there is truly no longer any need to suffer or struggle, only to live in the inclusive joy that begins within you.

1. Care with Compassion
and understand that we all want the same thing

2. Accept and Allow
the truth of the moment and relationships as they are

3. Love and Let Love
with your Heart and Soul

4. Make Joy
by celebrating the perfection of the moment

C. A. L. M. ...a function of resolution.

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