De-Stress Your Holiday Eating

By Dr. Reema Sayegh, Nutritionist

reemaSayeghSometimes what we want and what we need are two different things. Case in point: food choices when we are stressed.

What usually calls out to us is some form of sugar and caffeine. What we really require is a more complex form of carbohydrate, PLUS a protein so that we do not get a sugar rush (which is inevitably followed by a sugar dip).

Therefore, a good de-stressing pick-me-up could come in the form of fresh fruit and natural nut butter, or a serving of cut-up veggies, raw nuts and one ounce of low-fat string cheese. If you're multi-tasking, in other words, trying to grab something at the mall, try having protein and vegetables, like a teriyaki unbreaded chicken breast with stir-fried vegetables, or, even better, a salad topped with chicken or fish, and a nice vinaigrette on the side.

These foods will give you staying power, and provide the stress-busting nutrients your body really needs without sabotaging your good eating habits. That way, the cute new outfit you're out buying for the holiday party will still fit when the time comes!

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