Love Your Body – Now!

By Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

CindyClemensA few days ago I was looking through some old photographs and I saw a picture of myself in a – gasp – bathing suit from about ten years ago. I remember looking at that picture shortly after it was taken, focusing on the flaws in my body. The not-so-flat stomach, a waist that was not very svelte, and a small piece of back fat were all that I could see or think about at that time.

But now, looking at that same photograph ten years later, I was stunned by how good my body did look. I did not have my current face wrinkles, arm flappers, or general lowering of everything. How I would love to have that body now. It made me seriously ponder why ten years ago I had been so ready to let the perceived flaws prevent me from enjoying my beautiful, strong, healthy body.

Of course this led me to wonder how much I was still doing this. Was I enjoying my body right now? Because I am sure that in ten years I would be very happy to have this body. And a further question was how much I was able to allow my husband to enjoy my body right now. He honestly did seem to enjoy looking at and touching my body, but I often discounted his compliments with my negative thoughts about how my body appeared to me.

Certainly my body has changed over the years. So has my husband's, and since we have been together for over 30 years, I have witnessed his changes. Yet I still love the feel, the warmth and the sensuality of his body. Perhaps I should assume he feels the same about me and move on with fully loving, caring for and pampering my body just as it is.

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