Sleep Tricks

MyrnaBeardshearBy Mryna Beardshear, Director of Spa, Fitness & Health

  • A steady daily amount of exercise in the morning or afternoon deepens sleep.
  • Insulate your room against sound and light.
  • Keep your room temperature moderate. Excessively warm or cold temperatures can disturb sleep.
  • Both hunger and excessive fullness can disturb sleep. A light snack at bedtime may help you sleep. Tryptophan, found in warm milk or bananas, assist somnolence.
  • I keep a journal next to my bed. Before going to sleep at night, I write in my journal all the things I have on my mind. It might be a conflict, a job left undone or a concern for health or business. After writing everything negative down, I take time to write three things that happened in my day about which I feel good – my daily blessings. Most times they are very ordinary things that I have may have missed thinking about if I wasn’t taking this special time to end my day. In closing my journal I do so consciously, symbolically closing my day, with the thought of the last blessing written still on my mind. My journal is placed in a drawer where I cannot be tempted to re-open it.
  • I then close my eyes, breathe deeply and contemplating blessings. I make my commitment to let go of all my concerns and give thanks for the blessings of the day. At this stage I am ready to focus my thoughts inward using visualization and breathing to relax and go to my own very special place before falling asleep.

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