An Interview with Life Coach Cindy Clemens

CindyClemensWhy do you think life coaching is growing in popularity?
As a profession, life coaching is gaining popularity because so many people are tired of being stressed, strained and exhausted from their out of control lives. They know there is a better way to live, but they need a guide to help them set priorities, say no to the energy drains in their lives, and overcome the fears and doubts that keep them stuck. A life coach is that guide. Since so many guests visit spas to get a break from their overwhelming lives, it makes sense they would enjoy connecting with a life coach to learn ways to reduce the overwhelm when they return home.

What are people looking for when you start working with them?
Guests have usually heard the term "life coach" but most are not sure what it means. So their first interest is to find out more about what a life coach does. That is why Red Mountain provides the guests with a chance to have Lunch with a Professional or attend the Fire Ceremony to ask questions and find out more. Many of them do decide to attend the life strategy workshops or have a private session. They are looking for concrete tools to take back home to make more room for themselves and a plan for implementing their heartfelt dreams and goals. I am able to really listen to them, provide feedback and probing questions and motivate them to take action – that’s what they want to happen.

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