Finding Direction at Red Mountain

By Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

CindyClemensA Red Mountain Resort adventure is a great way to honor your life.

First, it allows you to slowdown and get off the 24/7 grind with amazing sunrise hikes, fitness classes and spa treatments. Of course you are free to stay connected while at Red Mountain, but why not give yourself the treat of unplugging and relaxing for a few days. Lounge in the numerous hammocks on the grounds, enjoy the relaxation room at Sagestone Spa, walk the spiral labyrinth or soak in the soothing waters of the outdoor or indoor pool.

Second, you will be inspired to examine your life path, set new health and fitness goals and clear the blocks that have kept you stuck in life. Red Mountain offers many professionals with whom you can consult, including a life coach, nutritionist, energy healer and many others. And, it is easy to meet kindred spirits – other guests who are also taking a look at their lives and making some course corrections for the better.

Third, you will be nourished and replenished by doing what you want to do — what makes you smile and gets you excited. While at Red Mountain you can even try something new, such as rock climbing, kayaking, pottery school or even tai chi out on rocks. Even if you come to Red Mountain with other people, you will still get lots of ME time because you can go separate ways and meet up at dinner to compare your days.

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