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CindyClemensBy Cindy Clemens, Life Coach

These are challenging times we are living through. Bad news on the financial picture assaults us at every corner. The pain is definitely spreading to Main Street. Yet in the midst of this negative swirl, there are several tools you can use to cope with the stresses and strains from these tough economic times.

First, do whatever it takes to keep your energy tank full right now. You need it to be full – you are spending lots of extra energy dealing with your own worries and concerns as well as those of your co-workers, family and friends. Plus, you need to be able to do your best thinking and processing in the days and months ahead. Curveballs may very well come your way, and you need to be strong and well. Focus on getting plenty of rest, moving your body, and nourishing yourself with healthy and delicious foods. You may not be able to change the macro conditions, but you can exercise control over how well you are treating yourself.

Second, decide to minimize the negative drama and fear mongering in your life. Get the smallest dose of news and information possible that you need to keep afloat of your finances and make prudent decisions. Resist the temptation to dwell in negativity all day long. Find something that is working in your life, put your energy in that direction and feel some joy and happiness. Decide to forgive yourself if you have made poor past decisions, and commit to righting your ship. Spend time with as many positive and uplifting people as you can, and certainly avoid the doomsayers and critics right now. Choose to feel good, even now, and have love in your heart for yourself and others.

Third, keep the flow of abundance open and operational in your life right now. Tempting as it is to tighten up our belts and excuse ourselves from giving because of the economic conditions, this sends out the exact wrong message to the Universe. It says there is not enough for all of us, there is scarcity, and we cannot share our few crumbs. Because we manifest more of what we focus on, whether positive or negative, we manifest more of not enough, scarcity, and fear. We become clogged up, by our own beliefs, and the Universe must abide by those beliefs and send us more of what focus on. To change this process, we need to demonstrate that we believe in abundance and share with others when we are inspired to do so. Try starting your day by acknowledging what you do have and asking for guidance in how you can share your time, talents, or treasures during the day. At night take a couple of minutes to reflect on how accomplished this. This will act like roto rooter in your belief system pipes and get the abundance flow going again.

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