Focus & Recharge

By Tracey Welsh, General Manager

traceywelshAs you find yourself distracted by the busyness of every day life. Step back - to gain the clarity, commitment, and courage to move forward. Allowing yourself the time to focus and recharge to create a plan to move ahead creates balance and reduces your stress immensely. Too often we move with the intensity of the busy world around us, and find ourselves more stressed because we make the wrong move, and didn't give ourselves the time to plan.

Reduce stress and balance by taking time to take care of yourself, as this is what you can control. As Red Mountain Spa Life Coach Cindy Clemens says, "Resign as the Master of the Universe" and take care of you.

Nurture yourself with healthy food. Get outside and enjoy nature. Fill yourself with the endorphins created by exercise and you'll find yourself with a more positive outlook and more energy. This is the perfect time to try something new, like yoga, tai chi or meditation to learn stress reducing techniques.

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