Walking the Medicine Wheel with Shamanic Spirit Betina Lindsey

$650 not including gratuities and taxes


If you are one of the increasing number of people who feel a deep need to connect to Earth and Spirit, you are ready to walk the Medicine Wheel with "Shamanic Spirit" guide Betina Lindsey through journey work, ceremony and time on the land. Medicine Wheel teachings have been available to us since the beginning of time and have not changed. In the ancient tradition of indigenous healers we will open sacred space to bring alive your connection to the spiritual world of nature for insight, guidance and healing. Betina will lead you on pilgrimages to sacred places of power - to learn practices of shamanic health and healing. Beneath the desert night sky during fire ceremonies, we will offer prayers for healing the personal and planetary soul. Discover the transformative power of earth, wind, fire and water.

  • Eight Medicine Wheel Teachings Sessions
  • Private Life Path Reading with Betina Lindsey
  • Sacred Earth, Silent Angel Journal Welcome Gift
  • Healing Stones and More Lecture
  • Spiral Walk with Guide

Medicine Wheel Teaching Sessions:

  • Walking the Medicine Wheel Welcome Dinner with Betina
  • Walking the South: Opening Sacred Space Sunset Fire Ceremony
  • Earth Medicine Walk: Touching Red Earth
  • Walking the West: The Shamanic Journey: For Insight, Guidance and Healing
  • Walking the North: The Shaman’s Way of Healing: Healing Stones & More
  • Walking the East: Divining You Own Destiny
  • Closing Sunrise Fire Ceremony: Walking Your Destiny Home

Call 877.246.4453 to complete your Red Mountain experience with this enlightening add-on.

Upcoming 2011 Dates:

July 14-18, 2011

October 13-17, 2011

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