Welcome to the new Red Mountain Resort website. We hope that you find it to be an easy to use resource for planning your stay…or just dreaming about being here.

Each and every experience at Red Mountain is a treasure and is made more meaningful and unique because of the amazing red rocks that surround us. We wanted our name to reflect the multitude of amenities and activities found each day…a name that describes a one of a kind active destination retreat with nature and adventure inspired amenities…a place that honors the body, calms the mind and nourishes the soul. What else could we call it but Red Mountain Resort?

With the hundreds of heartfelt comments that we read from our guests, along with the media reviews and the daily feedback that we receive from the team at Red Mountain, we often find it a challenge to find the right words to describe the Red Mountain experience. However, I think the words “adventure inspired” and “active destination retreat” are spot on.

Red Mountain Resort means different things to different guests. For some, it’s the camaraderie of hiking in the canyons, and for others it’s the meditative solitude found walking the labyrinth. Many guests find their relaxation in a hammock and may never visit Sagestone Spa & Salon. Other guests find our skilled therapists a reward for the hard worked muscles that carried them hiking and in Zumba® class.

A new name deserves a new website with photos of the breathtaking scenery and the experiences that come to life every day here at Red Mountain Resort. This new website will be ever-evolving, and we hope you will visit often. We welcome your feedback.

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