How to Maximize your Spa Time

relaxationroomIn order to benefit from the relaxing atmosphere of a spa and to enjoy your treatment to the fullest, it is important to “relax your soul” too.

Whether you’re in the relaxation room or on the treatment table, allow yourself to move into a quiet space and leave behind the distractions of life that create so much tension. Consciously breathe deeply and slowly. Listen to your breath and feel it moving and fueling the energy in your body. Listen to the quiet that lies under all the sounds around us. Concentrate not on the music, the rustling of the therapist or the guests in the chairs next to you, but on the stillness under all that sound. Rather than be distracted by the presence of everything around you, touch it, feel it and acknowledge it and then feel the quiet that is within everything and you will draw into your being a peace that will bring you to the ultimate state of relaxation.

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