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By Myrna Beardshear
Director of Spa & Wellness

MyrnaBeardshearJet lag and other problems encountered while traveling and changing time zones can leave you feeling bad for days and missing out on enjoying your precious vacation days. Some of the problems that traveling can present are sleeping difficulties, being alert and focused in meetings and digestive problems. Nasal congestion and headaches are also common for travelers.

An aromatherapy treatment is known to help with these problems. A genuine aromatherapy treatment consisting of pressure point massage working over the autonomic nervous system helps to regulate the body systems and having an aromatherapy treatment before and after a trip is a great way to help your body adjust.

There are several aromatherapy treatments that you can do at home or in the comfort of your hotel room.

To help you sleep: Relax in a warm bath after adding a few drops of vetivert and chamomile essential oils. Soak and inhale the aroma.

Circulation and swollen ankles: Remember to drink lots of water on your flight, walk whenever possible, avoid caffeine and alcohol and exercise your feet and ankles while you are sitting. When you reach your destination blend some essential oils of citrus with juniper oil (a good diuretic) into a vegetable oil. Massage your feet and legs and lie down with your feet raised.

Headaches: Traveling with a small bottle of lavender essential oil is a wonderful way to treat headaches. I always travel with a small washcloth and when I have a headache a soak it in cold water and sprinkle a few drops of Lavender on it. Place on the forehead or the back of the neck and relax.

Nasal Congestion: Sprinkle a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a tissue and inhale. The bonus is that Eucalyptus is an antibacterial agent and using it will probably help to fight off some of those awful bugs present in recirculated airplane air.

When you need to wake up and focus try a shower or bath with essential oils of rosemary before going to your meeting.

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