Shaving Made Easy

By Myrna Beardshear,
Director of Spa & Wellness

MyrnaBeardshearHave a warm shower or bath and allow your skin to soften from the moisture. Shaving dry skin will inevitably result in cuts.

With the exception of the fragrance, all over-the-counter shaving creams are formulated the same. If you want an extra luxurious experience, invest in creams from the Whish collection. Not only to the smell and feel good but they are vitamin fortified and moisturize and condition your skin while you shave. (They sell wonderful ladies shaving brushes with their collection, making your shaving experience fun and luxurious!)

Make sure you are using a good razor with multi blades and that you change cartridges on a regular basis. A dull blade will lead to cuts and nicks.

Exfoliate your skin before shaving. Getting ride of the dead skin before shavings helps to prevent your razor from clogging and you get a closer shave.

Finish with one of the Whish after shave products, especially formulated for women. They take care of preventing those after shave bumps and prevent ingrown hairs

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