Salt of the Sea – Mimicking the Human Body

By Myrna Beardshear,
Director of Spa & Wellness

MyrnaBeardshearAll of us have our origins in marine species. The first living cells were born in the sea, and we have kept a close relationship with that birthplace: blood plasma and sea water share a very similar composition. The ocean contains all of the elements (104 trace elements, minerals, and vitamins) essential for healthy skin and balance within the body.

Even though trace elements are found in the human body, the body does not manufacture these vital nutrients and they must be derived from external sources. Trace minerals occur naturally in the earth’s soils. However, the more our soils are tilled and exposed to weather the more these minerals are leached out.

Sea Salt has been used for hundreds of years to cure all kinds of ailments. Thanks to these advanced procedures of extracting the salt from seawater with through freeze drying the valuable minerals are not lost in the process. With this method, Phytomer – the products used at Red Mountain Resort — have been able to extract the salts from the seawater along the Brittany Coast off France while keeping the structure and composition of the salt intact.

When used as an exfoliant, salts cause the top layer of skin to break up smoothly. The epidermis, is then receptive to the minerals within the salt.

At Sagestone Spa at Red Mountain we also use this very pure salt from Phytomer together with Lavender grown along the coast of Brittany in the form of a bolus. This bolus is heated with steam and it used for a massage, releasing all the minerals from the salt with the pressure by the therapist.

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