The Luxury of Milk

MyrnaBeardshearFor thousands of years bathing in milk has been popular as a beauty treatment. Once, a luxury in which only the wealthy could indulge, anyone can enjoy the benefits of milk treatments today.

The milk bath makes skin feel softer and more resilient. This is because the lactic acid in milk acts like alpha hydroxyl acids by dissolving the proteins that bind together dead skin cells. A milk bath in combination with an loofah will leave skin feeling soft and fresh.

All types of milk—cow, soy, goat—have similar benefits, but whole milk is preferable for beauty treatments because it contains more hydrating fat proteins.

Soak your skin to softness: On your next trip to the supermarket pick up a box of powdered whole milk, add to your bath water until it turns milky-white and soak like Cleopatra.

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