Winter Skin Care for your Body

By Myrna Beardshear, Director of Spa, Fitness & Health

MyrnaBeardshearBath or shower only once a day in the winter months if you have dry skin. Take shorter, warm showers, not hot. Hot baths will dry the skin. Air dry or lightly pat skin dry leaving some of the water on your skin. Immediately apply body oil or body butter to hold the moisture in the skin.

Recommended winter baths are seaweed baths, aromatherapy baths or an oatmeal/milk bath. Make your own oatmeal/milk bath by mixing equal parts of oatmeal and whole milk powdered milk.

Avoid antibacterial or deodorant soaps as they can be drying. Choose a mild PH balanced soap, diluted unscented bath gel (50% gel and 50% water), or a seaweed based cleanser to cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Winter is definitely not the time to slack off on sun protection. UV rays are still present even though you are not feeling the warmth of the sun. Use sunscreen or products that contain SPF 15 and if your go skiing use an SPF 30.

How to Exfoliate:
Dead skin builds up faster in the dry of the winter than in the summer heat. We suggest exfoliating at least once a week to slough off the dead skin. Exfoliation not only rids your body of dead skin cells but improves circulation and lymph flow. Using circular motions exfoliate the skin starting on the left leg, in circular movements up the leg. Concentrate on dry heels and knees. Do not exfoliate over varicose veins. Follow the process on the right leg and then do in circular motion over the buttocks and gently over the colon area in a clockwise motion. Move up over the stomach and diaphragm area, moving around the breast area and lightly over the chest area. Then using the same motion, do the left and then right arms. The back can be done, remembering to move toward the heart. Your skin should be slightly pink, slightly tingly. Do not do this treatment in the late afternoon or evening, as it will affect your sleep, as it is very stimulating.

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