Relieving Stress with Reflexology

MyrnaBeardshearBy Myrna Beardshear, Director of Spa, Fitness & Health Services

Massage is often seen as just a reliever of physical discomfort, but in reality a relaxing massage can help calm the mind too. By using different massage techniques, massage therapists are able to loosen sore muscles, increase circulation and improve mental clarity.

Not able to get to the spa? Foot massage, or reflexology, is actually an ancient practice of manipulation and stimulation to restore health and balance to the entire body through reflex therapy applied to the feet. Reflexology diagram cards showing the pressure points on your feet are available everywhere and are easy to follow.

  • Take off your shoes.
  • Rub the brain, stomach and solar plexus reflexology points on your feet.
  • The brain, your body's mental stress center, is at the point of the base of the ball of the big toe.
  • Relieve anxiety by rubbing the stomach, located at the arch of the foot.
  • Considered to be the "nerve switchboard of the body," press the solar plexus, located at the center of the base of the ball of the foot, for 20 to 30 seconds on each foot.
  • Repeat.

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