Romantic Holidays

By Myrna Beardshear, Director of Spa, Fitness & Health Services

MyrnaBeardshearIn the clutter and pressure of the holidays, we need to take whatever time is necessary to be free of stress and feel great about our lives. This means we need to pamper ourselves and do special things for ourselves that will make us feel good. In doing so, others will feel good about being around us. Especially, it is at this time of the year that so many of us allow the special people or partners in our life to feel neglected.

When we get in the habit of doing things graciously for ourselves we start to develop a romantic life that we can share with others. Take time each day to tell yourself that you’re special and that you love yourself. Smile, listen to your own voice and think good thoughts. Look your best and be charming. Be sensuous. When you can be all these things for yourself you can take on creating a romantic environment for others.

When you wake up in the morning, instead of drinking your morning beverage in that old holiday coffee mug, try a china mug or a decorated cup and saucer. Remind yourself that you’re serving someone you love and want to please.

If you like to exercise try spraying the room with an invigorating aromatherapy spritz before you start. Instead of your sloppy old exercise clothes invest in something new and pretty. Don’t just jump into the shower, but take the time to have a relaxing bubble bath and have a ten-minute rest afterwards wrapped in a luxurious terry robe.

If you’re having a meal alone, take time to prepare a tray for yourself with pretty china a cloth napkin and a flower.

Take time to plan a special shopping spree. Enjoy being able to go out holiday shopping for some soft romantic clothes for your special times at home and if you have a loved one sharing your life, surprise them with a holiday gift of lingerie or a silk robe or pajamas.

Remember all the fun you used to have just cuddling on the couch with a beverage and the winter fireplace crackling. Well even if the old couch is long gone and the logs aren’t real, you can bring back romance at home with just a little planning.

If you want to plan a special, romantic evening, let your partner know ahead of time so that they’ll be in the mood. Send an invitation, tuck a note into a pocket, scented with your favorite fragrance or merely hint that you will be waiting tonight. Make a phone call to remind him/her about the wonderful evening you are planning.

A romantic evening at home requires the right atmosphere. Make arrangements to have to children stay overnight with family or friends.

A romantic lace cloth over a normally bare table and candles with romantic fragrances set the tone of the room. Low lights – music that you both enjoy and a comfy place to snuggle add to the affect. Bring pillows to the couch or lay them out on the carpet. Have food and drink nearby on the living room table and turn off the television and the ringer on the phone.

Take time to make up a menu of romantic food for your special evening. Make sure it can be prepared ahead of time. Finger foods can prove very satisfying and are often fun to share with someone or even feed to someone.

Buy some fresh flowers to place in the living room and bedroom. Remember, you’re trying to create a romantic evening and a very special escape from the holiday rush. Therefore, try some of the following flowers:

Roses – harmonious and patient love

Tuberose – peace and love, emotional control

Lavender – spiritual love, true love and romantic

Spider Lily – love and peace.

Stock up on just the right candles. Use soy candles with essential oils such as rose, sandalwood, cedar, ylang-ylang and bergamot.

There is nothing more soothing and loving than a gentle caress, a hug, a pat on the fanny or touch on the hand. Someone, just gently stroking your hair as they pass your chair and a special look from across a crowded room. This is love in action, tenderness, affectionate touches and looks. These little actions can reassure, communicate, soothe and keep your love life glowing and romantic and enhance your holidays.

Take time during the holiday season and throughout the year to live graciously and romantically and remember to express your love often – for yourself and the special people in your life.

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