Adventure in Everything!

By Matthew Walker, M.S., Mountain Guide & Adventurer

matthewwalkerAdventure in everything. Sounds like a tag-line or advertising promo, but it is something much more than that. Adventure in everything is a lifestyle choice. Adventure in everything is a framework for decision-making, reflection and action. Adventure in everything is an opportunity to embrace your life, this life, with passion, intention and purpose.

The foundation of Adventure in Everything is the Five Elements of Adventure: High Endeavor, Uncertain Outcome, Total Commitment, Tolerance for Adversity and Great Companionship. Each of the elements offers an opportunity for self-reflection, assessment and action.

Below is a short 15 minute exercise to begin to examine and bring adventure into the everyday – give yourself the gift of a new experience, a new opportunity, and try it this evening or at the close of your work day. Curious about learning more? I will be hosting a series of workshops, presentations, hikes and rock climbing outings at Red Mountain from October 17–22, 2011. Join me as we dive deeper into the Five Elements of Adventure, play and adventure together. (Click to learn more.)

Curious about learning even more? My book “Adventure in Everything” is now available at book stores, Amazon and, of course, the Red Mountain Outfitters store.

See you in October!

Bringing Adventure into the Everyday

Start simple. Take 15 minutes to yourself at the end of the day. 15 minutes of quiet reflection to examine your day and honestly assess if adventure is a component in your life. Of course, we can’t always be in a heightened state of adventure, so examine both the daily tasks and the overall aim of your day.

Ask yourself these questions and take a moment to write the answers without judgment:

  1. Did my work today move me closer to my high endeavor goal?
  2. Am I totally committed to the outcome of this goal?
  3. How did I react today to changes and challenges in my work? Am I open to an uncertain outcome?
  4. Who did I surround myself with today? What type of people are they? Am I energized and inspired by my community as I work towards my goals?

Pretty straightforward stuff, huh? We may not take the time to do this often enough – but, overall, pretty straightforward.

Now, a challenge.

Take the same questions above and reframe them to examine your closest relationships as spouse, friend, parent or child. Adventure is about living with courage and passion with grace and humility. Our closest relationships deserve the same attention and examination as our work. Take the opportunity to see your relationships with clarity and a fresh perspective. Celebrate adventure in everything.


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