Get into the Pool: Aqua Workout

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

poolUpper body Conditioning
(1 minute at 80 percent of your maximum effort)

All upper body exercises should be performed with the shoulders under the water. You may have to hinge forward at the hips to keep the shoulders under and maintain balance. This allows the exercise to be completed using the full range of motion at the joint.

One minute of water strengthening exercise is equal to 12 repetitions of land exercise

Bicep Curls
Start with straight elbows and palms up, bend the elbows with power, using the force of the water for resistance. As you straighten your elbow turn you palms inward (slicing the water).

Tricep Press
Start with elbows bent and palms down, straighten elbows with power. As you bend the elbows slice the water leading with the thumbs.

Lat Push Down
Start with arms out to the side in a letter T shape. Push down through the water with power, lining the wrists, elbows and shoulders up in to vertical lines. As you bring your arms up into a letter T shape, slice the water leading with the thumbs.

Deltoid Lift
Start with the arms in vertical lines palms facing in. Lift the arms up towards the surface with power (pushing the water with the back of the hand). Keep the arms and hands under the water. As you bring your arms back into vertical lines, slice the water, leading with the pinky fingers.

Chest Press
Start with one leg forward in a lunge position, and both arms open in a letter T shape, thumbs up. Push both arms forward until the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints line up. As you bring your arms back into the letter T shape slice the water, leading with the pinky fingers.

Upper Back Press
Start with the other leg forward, both arms in front of you, palms facing in (thumbs up) and the arm joints lined up.

Rotator Cuff Push
Bend both elbows at a 90 degree angle and the palms facing each other. Keep the upper arm bones glued to the rib cage. Rotate inwardly from the elbow and then rotate outwardly from the elbow. Alternate the hand that is on top, use power in both directions.

Here is some additional information to help you maintain, and improve upon your water work outs. It was a pleasure working with you, call me if you have any questions. is a good place to find equipment, DVD’s, and music. is a good place to find music and DVD’s
Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) is the group that certifies water instructors.

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