Slide & Glide your Thighs into Shape

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

kimwattersThis workout is not only fun but is also a great way to tone your inner thighs. Just get into your cupboard, and get out your picnic supplies. You will need two paper plates (the higher quality paper plate’s work best) and a carpeted floor.

  • Put the plates on a carpeted floor, and then stand on them. The balls of the feet should be towards the center of the plate, and the heels of the feet should be lifted up off the plate.
  • Tighten the abdominals for balance and support.
  • Extend the right leg from the hip joint to your right side, sliding the plate under the foot as the leg extends. The left knee bends to allow the right leg to extend further.
  • Push down into the plate with the ball of the foot; continue to push down as you slide the foot and plate back into the starting position. (8-12 repetitions)
  • Repeat the same exercise with the left leg. (8-12 repetitions)
  • Repeat the same exercise, except this time alternate the legs. (8-12 repetitions)

If it seems too easy, push down harder as you pull your leg in towards the midline, and if it is too difficult push down less. Keep in mind, the harder you push into the plate, the more resistance you will create for yourself. This is your workout; make it what you need it to be.

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