Metabolic Testing at Red Mountain

By Dr. Brad Crump,
Health Services Manager

metabolictestingRed Mountain Resort offers metabolic testing in the form of cardiovascular/metabolic testing (also known as V02 testing) as well as Resting Energy Expenditure testing utilizing a metabolic cart.

The cardiovascular/metabolic testing is performed on a treadmill. It is a graded exercise test which is designed to measure heart rate as well as oxygen utilization at various heart rates. This allows Red Mountain Spa to develop a personalized exercise program for each individual based on heart rate zone training. This allows not only for maximum caloric expenditure but maximum fat utilization.

The personalized exercise program is twelve weeks in duration and includes information on the number of days and duration of exercise sessions.

The Resting Energy Expenditure test is an assessment performed first thing in the morning before any physical activity. It is performed utilizing the same metabolic cart.

The assessment determines the number of calories expended under resting conditions or in other words, what an individual utilizes in calories to maintain healthy physiological function under resting conditions.

This allows our team of professional to help develop nutritional guidelines specific to each individual in order to achieve peak fitness as well as support healthy weight management.

The purpose of both assessments is to move outside the realm of “one size fits all models” and develop an individualized health and wellness program

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