TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise)

By Kim Watters Fitness Manager

trxHave you tried a TRX® (Total-body Resistance Exercise) class?

TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to use your body weight to perform hundreds of exercise progressions for every body part and plane of motion. The class is facilitated outside in our scenic southwest environment. The TRX is easily utilized outside, by connecting it to a tree branch, tall fence, or playground equipment. The exercises performed using the TRX cause the total body to stabilize so the specific exercise can be completed. This program is an efficient way to work the total body and is a challenging workout for anybody.

The goal of this type of class is to increase balance and strength which helps us maintain the quality of life as we age. For example, falling is a common fear that we can overcome through specific training on the TRX.

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