New! Restorative Yoga Workshop

IMG_Enlise_Pose_2001 With the constant push to do more and be more, we find the need to take time to relax. Just like we learned the skills to be successful, it makes sense to train yourself in a practice that helps you quiet your mind and nurture your body. In our culture, great emphasis is placed on activity and movement.  But health requires that we have an appropriate balance of activity and rest, movement and stillness.   Restorative Yoga is a practice that will help you learn to relax and rest deeply and completely in supported yoga poses.  This experience will bring ease and calm to your mind and body balancing the autonomic nervous system, greatly reducing anxiety, stress from travel, muscle fatigue and insomnia.  This yoga  1 1/2 hour workshop is for all levels of yoga aficionados, and is taught by Enilse Sehuanes-Urbaniak.  You'll find it on our schedule on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Enlise discovered Yoga in 1985 while studying art & French in Paris, France.   She has trained extensively with notable Iyengar instructors, including Dr. Geeta Iyengar. Leading classes at Red Mountain Resort since 2004, Enilse is also certified as a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer, M.E.L.T. Hand & Foot & Whole Body Instructor, continually educating herself to enrich her students body-mind experience.    

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How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle

By Michelle May, M.D.

If your commitment to eat right and exercise always seems to lose its steam, you’re not alone!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you think about food and eating more than you think you should?
  • Do you feel guilty when you eat certain foods?
  • Do you have trouble passing up tempting food even if you aren’t hungry?
  • Do you often eat when you are bored, stressed, sad, lonely, or angry?
  • Do you often feel too full when you’re finished eating?
  • Do you fluctuate between dieting and eating too much?

Michelle May

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve probably discovered that dieting hasn’t solved the problem. In fact, for many people restrictive dieting leads to feelings of deprivation, cravings, overeating, guilt, and more overeating. I call it the eat-repent-repeat cycle. (To learn more about how the eat-repent-repeat cycle develops, read chapter one of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat.)

The only way to break your eat-repent-repeat cycle is to let go of the idea that a diet will solve your problems. The solution comes from learning to listen to (and trust!) the expert within.

During the New Year, New You Retreat at the beautiful Red Mountain Resort I’ll guide you through the process of learning how to eat what you love fearlessly and love what you eat mindfully. Join us December 27 - January 1st for this all-inclusive mindful eating, vibrant living retreat and get your 2013 off to a fabulous new start!

For full details, download the New Year, New You Retreat info packet. Don't miss out! The last three retreats sold out! Here’s what one retreat participant said about it: "The retreat was absolutely life changing for me. If you are tired of thinking, planning, and reacting to food in the same old way, and want to learn how to live a bigger, beautiful life, this retreat is for you."

Michelle May, M.D. is a recovered yoyo dieter and the founder of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops and the award-winning author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle.

Download Chapter 1 Free.


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Rewards for working out you say?

By Tracey Welsh

Yes, the rewards for staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are greater than money alone, but if you can earn some prizes and or even give back to a charity for all the miles you run, bike, hike and work-out at the gym - why not?

I ran across Earndit while downloading apps for my ipad. Here is a techy motivator that hooks up with MapMyFitness among others and rewards me(or reminds me)for my hard work. It seemed a natural to share this with people who enjoy Red Mountain Resort and living a life of good health. Not only do you earn healthy rewards and free items, but you can share the good news with your friends via social networks. You can even gather your friends for competitions. Now, to help you with your resolutions for better health, Red Mountain Resort, in tandem with our friends at Clarins are sponsoring a unique and inspiring giveway on If you have one of the top fitness tracking devices or apps on the market today, such as Fitbit, BodyMedia, Nike+, Garmin, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Endomondo and many more, you can automatically earn points from your trackable work-outs. For example, you get 10 points for every mile you run and track! Then you can redeem points on Earndit for high value rewards, from their brand partners. In January, Red Mountain Resort will be part of a giveaway and unlike a traditional giveaway and sweepstakes, you will be working out for the opportunity to win a prize. From January 7 -11, 5 Clarins products will be given away to randomly selected participants and at the end of the week one of the 25 winners will win a FULL week at Red Mountain Resort for two. Why wait? Check out today!

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Take Five

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

You know that moment during the day where you feel overwhelmed by the pile of tasks that need to be accomplished ASAP? This is the perfect opportunity to take five minutes to induce the art of stillness. Taking just a couple minutes during a hectic day will help elicit the relaxation response where you can breathe space into your mind and instill mental clarity to organize your thoughts.

  1. GET COMFORTABLE. It really doesn’t matter if you sit on the edge of your chair with an extended spine and your feet hip width distance apart or if you sit on the floor behind your desk, just sit in the most comfortable position that supports a long, fully extended spine.

  2. CLOSE YOUR EYES. Either close your eyes or soften your gaze. Begin to take your awareness within, closing off the chaotic outside world.

  3. BREATHE. Become aware of the natural flow of your breath. Notice where you naturally tend to breath. Do you feel your breath in just the top of your lungs, behind your chest; can you sense the breath expanding your ribcage or pulling down toward your belly? Just notice at first, become a silent witness to your connection with life. If we did not breathe, we could not live!

  4. 3 PART BREATH. Now begin to consciously control your breathing. Start by filling the bottom third of your lungs with oxygen, and energy; sense your belly expanding on the inhale and deflating on the exhale. Keep filling the lower third of your lungs, now begin to sense your ribcage expanding 360º, finally, allowing your chest to rise. Inhaling belly, ribs, and chest, then exhaling chest, ribs, and belly. Complete 10-20 complete breath cycles.

  5. JUST SIT AND BE. After you complete conscious control of your breath notice the effect it has had on both your body and your mind. Sense a state of peace and release. Notice how your heart rate has slowed down. Explore the expanse of open space in your mind.

  6. WAKE-UP. Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. Pick up a pencil and write a list of what you feel is the most important tasks you need to accomplish, remain relaxed, and begin.

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Life Fitness: A commitment to being green

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

cardiomachinesA few months ago we added new cardio equipment to our gym made by Life Fitness. We chose this company partially because of their commitment to being green. Below you can see in their own words what this commitment means to them.

Life Fitness is committed to developing products and processes that help you run a greener facility. We've been a part of the solution for over 30 years, ever since we introduced the first self-powered commercial exercise bike. Today, almost all of our models allow people to power their own workout as soon as they are installed. There is never a need to purchase an additional system to offer exercisers the feel-good effect of self-power. Life Fitness Treadmills, which do require electricity, require far less than competitive models.

Hybrid Engage

Our 2011 Elevation™ Series Engage Cross-trainer, and both upright and recumbent Lifecycle® Exercise Bikes are partially powered by the exerciser when the person is working out at a moderate intensity or higher. The energy the exerciser generates powers the machine and reduces electrical draw by 75%.

Bigger Motor, Smaller Energy Bill

A Life Fitness Treadmill uses up to 52% less power than those of our top competitors. Intertek, an independent agency, tested Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmills against Matrix, Technogym, Precor, and Star Trac. Findings showed that the Life Fitness Treadmill, with the most powerful motor of the group, is also the most energy efficient. 

People Powered since 1978

Life Fitness Lifecycle® Exercise Bikes have been self-powered since 1978. Our ellipitcal Cross-trainers have been selfpowered since their introduction in 1997. The Summit Trainer, Stariclimbers and all 300+ strength machines, also offer self-powered convenience. We have always been committed to the idea of exercise equipment that doesn't pull energy from the grid, no accessories necessary.

Energized Entertainment

We also offer more equipment that powers the entertainment with energy the exerciser creates than any other fitness equipment manufacturer. Connect an iPod® or iPhone® to a Cross-trainer, Lifecycle, Summit Trainer or Integrity Stairclimber and it will charge with energy generated by the person. Elevation Series Lifecycles and Cross-trainers with the Inspire console go even further. They feature the only LCD touchscreen available from any fitness manufacturer that is powered by the person enjoying it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We aspire to live this idea by using reusable packaging, recycling plastic, metal and other materials from used circuit boards and recycling office waste. Every step towards sustainability helps.

Certified Landfill-averse

Life Fitness has the largest integrated Certified Pre-Owned program. Through this program, 50–75% of parts from our commercial cardio products are reused to create a durable line of CPO products. Through this program, we keep materials out of landfills and cut down our manufacturing footprint. Since 2004 we have placed 70,000 of these units back in the field.

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Fall in Love with Nordic Walking

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manger

nordicwalkingOur guests have fallen in love with Nordic Walking. This exciting activity combines the two methods of traditional fitness walking and cross country skiing, including the use of modified ski poles. Our guests find it easy to learn and they experience the additional benefits of using the poles the first time they try it.  

Nordic Walking was first used as a summer training method to keep cross-country skiers in tip top shape through the snow-less days of summer. Later a group of professionals consisting of researchers in sports medicine and other fitness professionals developed it into a fitness exercise. Nordic Walking was first launched in Finland in 1997. It has rapidly increased in popularity and today Nordic Walking is a well-known fitness sport. 

According to the International Nordic Walking Association there are many benefits to Nordic Walking. Here are a few that stand out when compared to traditional fitness walking: 

  • Heart rate is 5–17 beats per minute higher (for example in normal walking heart rate is 130 beats/minute and in Nordic Walking 147 beats per minute—increase is 13%).
  • Energy consumption increases when using poles by an average of 20% compared with ordinary walking without poles.
  • Up to a 46% increase in energy consumption (Cooper Institute research, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports 2002 publication).
  • Releases pain and muscle tension in the neck/shoulder region.
  • The lateral mobility of the neck and spine increases significantly.
  • The muscles most actively involved are the forearm extensor and flexor muscles, the rear part of the shoulder muscles, the large pectoral muscles and the broad back muscles.
  • Does not aggravate joints and knees.
  • Reduces the load on knees and other joints.
  • Consumes approximately 400 calories per hour (compared with 280 calories per hour for normal walking).
  • Poles are a safety factor on slippery surfaces.

As the Fitness Manager, I also love Nordic Walking because it's an excellent work-out that a wide variety of guests find enjoyable and challenging. It is perfect for those that want to work a little harder than with traditional walking. This is accomplished by the added upper body work and the naturally longer strides which creates a faster pace. It is also a phenomenal workout for those that need a little more stability, due to back, hip, knee or ankle issues. The added support of the poles allows for a steady stable pace and the added upper body work helps alleviate the work load to the lower body. As a side benefit everyone stands taller and breathes more efficiently. 

Come and try it out. Our Fitness staff is ready and can help you reap the benefits of Nordic Walking too.  

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Treadmill Hiking Workout

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

hiking_couple_walking-awayIn this workout, you'll build endurance for hiking.  For added conditioning, carry a 10-lb (or more) backpack and wear your hiking boots! The speeds and inclines listed are samples only and are for intermediate exercisers (those who have been exercising for 3 or more months). Increase or decrease the speed according to your fitness level. To determine your exertion level, visit the Perceived Exertion Scale




5 minute warm up

3.0 mph/1% incline

3.0 mph/1% incline

5 minutes

Increase incline 1 increment every minute

3.0 mph/5% incline

1 minutes

Increase incline to 10%

3.0 mph/10% incline

5 minutes

Starting at 10%, reduce incline 1 increment every minute

3.0 mph/5% incline

1.5 minutes

Increase incline every 15 seconds

3.0 mph/12% incline

30 seconds

Remain at above speed/incline

3.0 mph/12% incline

1.5 minutes

Decrease incline every 15 seconds

3.5 mph/1% incline

5 minutes

Speed at 4.0 mph, incline at 1%

4 mph/1% incline

5 minutes cool down

Speed at 2.5, incline 0%

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Yoga Week at Red Mountain Resort

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

yogasnowcanyonI would like to invite you to our third annual Yoga Week August 26–Sept. 1. Whether you are a novice or a pro, we are offering numerous classes, lectures and workshops to help guide you on the path to enlightenment.

Yoga has a myriad of health benefits, too many to list in this article, but here are a few I feel are the most important for general well-being.

    • Relieves stress and fatigue.
    • Increases invigoration and vitality.
    • Teaches a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking.
    • Helps to bring balance to your world.

The benefits of pranayama (yogic breathing practices) according to Swami Sivananda are many. He says, "The body becomes strong and healthy. Too much fat is reduced. There is luster in the face. Eyes sparkle like diamonds. The practitioner becomes very handsome. Voice becomes sweet and melodious."

Indra Devi, author of many books on yoga suggests that with yoga, "You will be able to enjoy better sleep, a happier disposition, a clearer and calmer mind. You will learn how to build up your health and protect yourself against colds, fevers, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and other troubles. You will know what to do in order to remain youthful, vital and alert, regardless of your calendar-age; how to lose or gain weight; how to get rid of premature wrinkles, and keep a smooth skin and clear complexion."

We will be offering a wonderful blend of movement, meditation and mantras. To start your day, we suggest our Meditation Hike or our Breath Walk, followed by a 10 am gentle yoga class. After lunch you will be able relax and digest while you listen in on one of our many mind-body lectures. Throughout the day you will enjoy additional yoga classes including Active Yoga, Aqua Asana and Yoga on the Ball. We also have many workshops available including a beginner's series for those who want to learn how to begin a practice (continuing education credits are available for yoga teachers in this series). You won’t want to miss Canyon View Yoga; This yoga experience takes place in the magnificent Snow Canyon State Park, which provides the perfect backdrop among the red cliffs and petrified sand dunes for those seeking adventure in their yoga journey.

See our activity schedule for details on classes, days and times.

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