August 2013

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NIA Extravaganza

August 9 - August 14th

Have you found joy in NIA? (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) Join Laurie Bass and Loretta Milo, both NIA faculty trainers and find a greater sense in self through movement that helps you live life in health and pleasure. They will host classes such as NIA Extravaganza, and the profound self-healing NIA 5 Stages. Check the schedule for times and locations. Private NIA Classes will be available for $75 per session with these highly acclaimed professionals.

professional make-up artist elias elgueta

August 19th - 8pm


Global educator Elias Elgueta with jane irelade-The Skin Care Makeup will hosts our guests at 8pm for individual consultations and to share information on the newest make-up and skin care trends.

Yoga Week

August 26–September 1

Click here for details.

Do you love yoga or want to take a yoga class for the first time? Join our expert yoga instructors for Canyon View Yoga, Yoga for Weight Loss and many more classes! See our activity schedule for dates and times.

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